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Friday, December 5, 2008

Adding Projects - San Diego Budokai and Soccer on the horizon

Working on adding a bit more about the San Diego Budokai photography project to the site today. This project is in the very initial stages, but we will be starting work in December. My thinking on the project is to combine a tutorial with artistic presentation to make something that is both a precise record of the school as well as be something beautiful to look at. Perhaps this could be done with a page of documentation about the form, and the facing page being a portrait of a particular aspect of that form with a much more complicated and/or symbolic background, and artistic rather than documentary lighting. We'll see how it develops as discussions start with the seniors at the Budokai! I'm very much looking forward to it.

The first soccer games of the winter season are in January, and we expect to be doing a photo DVD collection for that team, similar to what we did for the Sharks.

10:41 am pst

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Project Roundup - Michelle December Kickoff
Distributing soccer books to the fall 2008 Blue Lasers team continues, along with Air Interface progress on MEP.

I talked briefly with Keith about trying to set a date for working on the MG Midget, but nothing firm yet. I took a training class for Daisy Scout Leadership on Monday night. This is the "program" class, and is required. It was three hours, and pleasant enough. The highlight of the evening was playing Fruit Basket Upset and singing songs.

We're about to start the winter soccer season, which is another photography project. I am not sure if we'll do the books, the DVDs, or both. The DVDs are much more economical, unless the entire team buys in. I am not yet good enough at arm-twisting to achieve that sort of goal.
Check out the soccer books at:


Looking forward to adding more to that account. So far, the experience with Blurb has been good.
Another photography project is working with the San Diego Budokai on a book for them. This is in the initial stages.

Another video project is a video tour of St. Therese of Carmel Catholic Church, with Father Nick. That will be filmed after Christmas. I'm trying to get some more help with that one. I'm doing some audio and possibly video recording this Friday evening at the Benediction with Choir at St. Therese. I'm looking forward to this musical event. Attempting to create quality podcasts is very rewarding.
More soon,
8:05 am pst

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Rocket Plume at Night
Vandenberg rocket launch photo by Michelle

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