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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Microwave work and Photography First Draft

I delivered the San Bernardino Microwave Society (SBMS) 3456MHz transverter board by Chris N9RIN et al to Kerry Banke N6IZW for testing on 20 January 2009 at the San Diego Microwave Group meeting.

The meeting was great, as usual, and there was some discussion about picking the right IF, and questions about using a transverter in the first place. While not intended to be a final design, the reason we're investigating a transverter such as the SBMS project is to get up off the ground and on the air. It may not work out due to the fact that the 2m IF may not support the 10MHz bandwidth that we're aiming for. Even if it can support that wide of a bandwidth, the phase noise needs to be pretty good. I'm interested in seeing the results. The test plan and results are updated here

Photographically, I made my first attempt to create something along the lines of Jessica McClung's work that I saw at photo LA. Here it is:

8:38 am pst

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Soccer, Trip Summary

I am in the process of recovering from the adventure to Corona then Santa Monica, then back to San Diego.

The SBMS meeting was wonderful (as usual), and several really good conversations about MEP occurred.

Photo LA was exhausting in a good way. It took 5.25 hours to walk through the entire place, and it bordered on overwhelming.

Initial impressions of the Photo LA are as follows. There was exactly one science oriented photo - an earth-moon-earth telemetry bounce done by the signal corps from 1946. Several galleries had the same photos that they had two years ago. I recognized an exhibit from San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts that I really liked, and still like. I found a new artist doing something sort of like a collage, but not really, and I pored over her entire collection. I am inspired to try and incorporate this style and produce at least two works. Her name is Patricia McClung. I was able to meet the photographer, and had a short and very enjoyable conversation with her. There was no obvious high-dynamic-range work (we suspect that the hoity toity photo set has rejected obvious HDR as a fad), there was no macro work, there was a lot of purposely blurry photos that we didn't like, there was much less overtly lurid and sexy work than two years ago, and there was a whole lot of Ansel Adams prints for sale. The number of mixed media works was down from two years ago. It seemed about as big and the prices about as high as two years ago. A photo I loved from two years ago - of the interior of an amazing Chinese sock factory - was back, and still out of my price range. Lovely awesome photo of sewing and weaving and cutting apparatus, with a single human face lost in the center somewhere, peering between the white and silver and gleaming machinery.

We had an excellent meal at Jinky's Cafe in Santa Monica - highly recommended.

Optimized Tomfoolery is going to do some self-portrait and cross-portrait challenges.

This morning was the first soccer game of the winter season. Our team won 4-0 and photography happened. The field had a great background - trees and an embankment and shrubs instead of the usual parking lots and cars. The light was great, the boys played hard, and the spectators cheered loudly. I used my new Stanley thermos to bring along some coffee. Ah, the luxury.

After the game, we went to Fry's Electronics and got some necessities - a replacement emergency radio (charges via hand crank), Lips for xBox, Gran Turismo 5 (with the Stig!), and Pyro audio editing software. And some magazines.
6:44 pm pst

Thursday, January 8, 2009

SBMS Meeting, Photo LA, First Soccer Game
Heading up this afternoon to Corona, CA for the January 2009 San Bernardino Microwave Society meeting. The topic tonight is compasses. This has relevance to MEP because we need ways to accurately point our antennas once we know where the other station is located.

Friday afternoon is Photo LA. We missed last year, and can't wait to go back and get all inspired. And, just in time, because the very first game of the school soccer season is Saturday at 10:40am! We plan on doing digital and paper books for the team this season, and already have some nice shots from practice.

Adding to the mix is an evaluation of the free GNU math software Octave. It's supposed to be "mostly compaitble" with matlab. This may be our new baseline math software for MEP since Mathcad is no longer supporting single users.
11:36 am pst

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SBMS Transverter Test Plan
Began working on the SBMS transverter test plan today.
10:50 am pst

Monday, January 5, 2009

Webcam work, Observachapel, Post-vacation flurry
Our Christmas break is nearly over.

We're back to work on MEP with a transverter to characterize, work on the webcams is proceeding, and another project, a combined astronomical observatory and chapel (Observachapel), will be added to the website as the initial designs begin to accumulate. The site of the Observachapel will be on Palomar Mountain, CA, and will have a robotic telescope accessible from the web.
9:56 am pst

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Working on the Webcams
Hello everyone! Happy New Year! I'm working on the webcams this evening, trying to get them working on delmarnorth.
7:36 pm pst

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